How to Embroidery the Left Chest of a T-Shirt

Embroidering Tees is fun and easy when you follow a few simple guidelines. In this video tutorial, we will go over tips for embroidering the left chest of a T-shirt.

We will be stitching designs from Painted Sports Applique #12472.

General Guidelines:

  • Placement is crucial so, on a crewneck shirt of any size, start at top of the neck where the neck seam meets the shoulder seam. Draw a line straight down from there, using a disappearing pen to mark horizontal center of the design.
  • For the vertical center, measure the armhole from top of the shoulder to the bottom of the armhole and calculate the halfway measurement. For instance, if the armhole is 7” wide, then your horizontal line will be at the 3 ½” point. Mark a horizontal line that is perpendicular to the other line to get your vertical center.
  • Turn the T-shirt inside out and lay it flat. Add stabilizer to the shirt using adhesive spray. We recommend 2 layers of Poly Mesh Cut-Away stabilizer, because it won’t shadow through the T-shirt.
  • Flip the T-shirt over to the back and lift the back of the T-shirt up slowly until you see the markings where the design will go. Don’t try to go down through the neck, as you will risk fabric folding over itself when embroidering.
  • Slide bottom hoop under the T-shirt, then add the inside ring, matching the vertical marked line inline with the vertical marks on your hoop template and the horizontal marked line inline with the horizontal marks on your hoop template. The design does not have to be centered in the hoop. Besides, it is hard to do that because of the collar. Just so long as it’s all parallel. When you get it to your machine remember to adjust where the center of the design falls.
  • Use a ballpoint needle because sharp needles pierce the knit fibers and tiny holes will start to appear around your design.
  • Hoop burn is caused by forcing the inside ring into the outside ring. To avoid hoop burn, be sure to loosen the hoop screw when putting the two together.
  • If you have creases in your T-shirt when you unhoop it, simply wet the crease with water or light spray starch, place a press cloth over the embroidery, and press.

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