OESD Embroidery Design Formats

OESD Embroidery Design Formats

Most machines or embroidery software programs will open one of our provided formats, even if it is not the "default" format. For example, .exp and .dst formats are more universal formats and can be opened and used in many different brands of machines and embroidery software.

When you buy designs from OESD, you receive them in a multi-format download. All formats in which the designs are available are included. Whenever possible, we make our designs in the following formats:

  • .art
  • .dst
  • .emb
  • .exp/.exp+
  • .hus
  • .jan
  • .jef
  • .pcs
  • .pes
  • .sew
  • .vip
  • .vp3
  • .xxx

Yes, you can size designs you buy from OESD via your embroidery software or your machine.

The industry standard recommendation for sizing a design is about 20%, whether larger or smaller. When you go outside this range, you'll often find that the stitch types no longer work. For example, satin stitch outlines will become too wide if a design is scaled too large. If scaled too small, there may be too much detail in the design.

Try BERNINA's free sizing software Artlink.


We always recommend checking the size of a design before purchasing. The dimensions of each design are given on their product detail pages. 

Some file formats, like .sew and .pcs, have limitations in design size and file size that prevent us from making them available for all our designs. In these cases, we recommend using a software program first to size your design and then save it to your machine format.

For more information on design formats, read Embroidery Density, Stitch Count and Size.

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