Download Designs Using Firefox

Once you purchase a design on, you can download your design from the My Designs page. This article will help show you how to download your designs using Firefox.

Open the Firefox browser on your computer. Click the Firefox Icon along the taskbar of your computer screen.

firefox screenshot 1

You will need to check the "Settings" in Firefox to determine the location of where the downloadable design will go. Click on the three horizontal lines.

firefox screenshot 2

In the menu that appears, click “Options” (Some older versions of Firefox might call this “Settings”). After the “Options” page opens, click on “General”. Scroll down until you find the “Downloads” section. Here you can select “Always ask where to save files”. This is helpful if you would like to download it straight to a USB. Once you have completed your settings for your downloads, you can now close this page.

Open a new page and sign in to your account at Click the “My Designs” tab of your account.

Once you locate the design you would like to download, you can select “All Available Formats” or click on the arrow in the Format drop-down menu and select the format that you use for your particular machine.

Click “Download”. The file will begin to download in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This file is now in your downloads folder (or the folder you selected in the settings of Firefox). (You can also download the Sewing information PDF that is located to the right of the “Download” button.)

Firefox will now ask you where you want the design to be saved. You can now save the file to the USB to be used on your machine. You can also save the file to a designated folder of your choice. Click “Save”. Firefox should display a message in the lower right-hand corner letting you know when the download is complete.

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