How to use a Custom USB with your Machine/Computer

How to use a Custom USB with your Machine/Computer

The Embroidery Online Custom USB will contain all designs purchased in a particular order. When you plug the USB into your computer, several available format folders will appear. (example: ART, DST, EMB, EXP…and so on). When you click on the folder that works with your machine, all the designs that you’ve purchasedin the order associated with the USB will be available in numerical order in that partiualr Format Folder. You may then copy and paste the designs you are needing to a new USB if desired.  You should be ready to plug the USB into your machine and stitch!

Depending on your machine, it is possible to take the custom USB straight to your machine for use.   Some machines can read files within a folder.  

NOTE* Some machines will be able to read several different formats. It is important to use the format native to the machine.  It is recommended to transfer the files to a new USB, so the machine reads only its native format.  

In some cases, machines cannot read files in a folder.  For these machines, it is recommended that the files be transferred to a new USB and removed from the folder.  

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