What Brands Of Thread Do You Support?

What brands of embroidery threads do you list with the designs?

The thread charts that accompany OESD design collection downloads always contain Isacord thread, unless a specialty thread has been used. In some cases, the thread chart will list both Isacord and Yenmet Threads.  

For those embroidery file types that support thread information (.art, .exp with .inf), thread colors are listed in Isacord.

Why Isacord thread?

Isacord is a long-established industry standard for embroidery. Many of OESD's partners sell and support Isacord thread, and many of our customers use Isacord thread. Also, most manufacturers of other thread brands provide a conversion chart to and from Isacord. For this reason, OESD will continue to provide sewing information in Isacord.

What about metallics and specialty threads?

Occasionally, OESD offers a collection that has a specialty thread, such as a metallic or variegated thread. Generally, OESD uses Yenmet for metallic and Isacord for variegated threads. If a specialty thread other than these is recommended, it will be listed on the thread chart accompanying the design collection. As with any of our designs, these are recommendations only - you are always free to use the threads of your choice.

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